the why behind this program

YOU play an important role in supporting your teen in the college application process. Whether or not you hire a consultant to guide your teen through the college process, your role is still impactful.

Supporting your teen's mental growth AMPLIFIES their efforts in writing thoughtful essays, meeting deadlines, and deciding which college is their best fit. 

YOUR relationship with your teen impacts the long-term success of your teen beyond college acceptance. 

After my teen was accepted early decision to his best-fit college, I realized I wanted to prepare my teen to thrive IN college and help him navigate this ever-changing world successfully AFTER college.

The best thing about this program is that it:

  • helps get your teen get INTO college
  • helps your teen IN college  
  • helps your young adult navigate life AFTER college.

Focusing on your teen's mental growth will pay greater long-term dividends beyond college admissions.

Invest in the long-term trajectory of their success and happiness.

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YOU play an important role in supporting your teen in the college application process. Even if you hire a consultant to guide your teen through the college process, your role is impactful. 

Supporting your teen's mental growth through this process AMPLIFIES their efforts in writing thoughtful essays, meeting deadlines, and deciding which college is their best fit.

YOUR relationship with your teen impacts the long-term success of your teen beyond college acceptance.

After my teen was accepted early decision to his best-fit college, I realized I wanted to prepare my teen to thrive IN college and set him up to successfully navigate the every-changing world AFTER college.

  • helps get your teen INTO college
  • helps your teen IN college
  • sets your young adult to navigate life successfully AFTER college

The best thing about this program is that it:

the solution:

bypass the stress of the college grind, set your teen up for success with this program

Using the tools in this program, you help your teens understand who they want to be in this world. Knowing themselves helps them write thoughtful introspective essays for the college application. 

Because writing a strong college essay is high stakes for college admissions, this program leverages this part of the application process to work FOR you and your teen.

College admissions have become more competitive. Colleges know what they want, and it's not perfect grades and scores anymore.

By understanding who they are and what they value, your teen will be able to articulate a thoughtful response to the essay prompts in a college application.

Knowing themselves will also help your teen thrive IN college.


I didn't know a program like this existed. This program kept me sane and saved my relationship with my teen during the stressful college process. Can’t thank Maggie enough for putting this together!

I was at my wits' end in the fall of my daughter's senior year. She was so overwhelmed by deadlines and trying to decide which colleges to put on her list. Because I heard so many horror stories about kids not getting into their safety schools in years past, I didn't know what to do. My daughter had worked so hard to do well, but I felt like nothing was good enough anymore. Doing Maggie's programs helped me see that we were wasting our energy on stress and fear.
When I shifted my focus toward my daughter's wellbeing and getting to know her, our experience improved dramatically. Essay writing became more spontaneous. We stopped fighting. We had great conversations. And she got into the college that she felt would be best fit for her (biomedical science major).  I now know my daughter so well that I know she will do well in life no matter where she attends college. I was so grateful to find Maggie and her program.  

When I got a handle on my stress, I could see how my daughter felt less stressed too.
That was truly a gift. When I hear other moms feeling like I used to feel,
I try to tell as many moms I can about this program.

- Lizzie Jones, New Jersey

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This program is
for you if…

Success means your teen is happy and resilient at their best-fit college

You want to engage with your teen during the college application grind in a way that strengthens your relationship

You want to invest in the long-term trajectory of your teen's success and wellbeing  

You understand the value of investing in yourself because you know that your wellbeing affects your teen's wellbeing

This program is
for you if…

Success means "killing" yourself to get your teen into an elite college for bragging rights

You want to force your teen to do things your way to get into a top college or hire a consultant to do it for you.

You want to focus on the short-term win or failure, as determined by a college acceptance or rejection

You don't see the connection between your own wellbeing and your teen's


Your teen is accepted into their best-fit competitive college

Your teen has grown socially and emotionally

they know how to manage their time in college according to their priorities

They value themselves in intimate relationships and friendships

Your teen feels confident about the future and sets goals to help them become the person they want to be 

You have confidence in your teen and don't nag them


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We can intentionally choose to focus on our teen's wellbeing and bypass the insanity of the college grind. We can show our teens a better way.

I’m maggie, a physician mom life coach of a kid with a rare disease who has learned to thrive.

I applied the same coaching tools to help my older teen manage college stress and thrive.

When my daughter was diagnosed with a rare disease at age nine, I hired a life coach to help me manage my stress. I could immediately see the positive impact the coaching tools had on my quality of life and my daughter's health. As my daughter's primary caregiver, my mental wellbeing impacted hers. Teaching my daughter the coaching tools helped her to manage the stress of receiving a rare disease diagnosis at age nine. 

After witnessing the transformative power of the coaching tools with my daughter, I applied these tools to support my older teen manage stress around the college application grind. Leveraging the college essay, I asked him important questions to help him understand himself, his values, what he'd like to get out of college, and who he'd like to be in college. These conversations helped him gain clarity on how to write his essays and choose his best-fit college.

  • He was accepted to his first-choice college. 
  • He is excited about the future and setting his short term and long term goals. 
  • We have become more connected this year. 

I would like to share what I have learned, so YOUR teen will: 

  • succeed in college admissions
  • thrive in college
  • thrive in life after college graduation


Why is it important to help your teen
develop social and emotional
maturity skills?


Over one-third of all college students report having felt so depressed that they had trouble functioning in the last twelve months.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students, claiming the lives of 1100 students each year.

More than half of college students have had suicidal thoughts, and 1 in 10 students who have suicidal thoughts never seek counseling or treatment.

More than 80 percent of college students felt overwhelmed by all they had to do in the past year, and 45 percent have felt things were hopeless.

say no more, I'm in

"Rates of anxiety and depression have soared in the last decade,"

- The Chronicle of Higher Education

From the book:

The Stressed Years of Their Lives
by Dr. Hibbs and Dr. Rostain

Because teens are struggling on college campuses.

 You can support their growth by engaging them with powerful questions that affirm who they are, how they think, and what they want. In the process, your teen will uncover unique qualities that they write about in the college essay. 

Take a peek at the program

There are five total modules: the Introductory and four teaching modules which are detailed below. There are three videos in the Introductory module and between four to five videos per teaching module. I will be teaching all of the concepts.

Each of the teaching modules will cover a specific topic. There will be a set of ten questions per teaching module. 

I teach you how to ask the powerful questions that
help your teen understand themselves more deeply. This understanding inspires your teen to write the personal college essay that represents their unique
qualities and strengths.

In the process your teen matures emotionally.

Module: Teen's Self-Concept

Self-concept represents the beliefs your teen has about themselves. It's important for your teen to know their beliefs or habitual thought patterns, so they can question those beliefs and decide if those beliefs are helping them create the reality they want to see in their lives.


Module: Teen's Leadership-self

Leadership-self is the ability of your teen to decide how they want to show up in any given situation with intentionality.  This will be a useful skill for them to develop as it has very practical applications for the job and college interviews they will likely experience this year. 


module: Teen's Goal setting

This module discusses why it's important for your teen's to set goals and how you can teach your teens the way to achieve their goals. 


 module: Mom's rite of passage

This module discusses our rite of passage of moms of seniors in high school, as we transition from moms parenting teens under our roof to moms parenting young adults living on a college campus. As our experience parallels our teen's transition into young adulthood, we become an example of what is possible for them. This helps to deepen our relationship with our teens.


Leave these feelings behind, for good

No more feeling like an inadequate mom if your teen doesn't get into an elite college or university

No more fighting with your teen and dreading the worst, while waiting to hear from colleges

No more feeling like your teen will be unsuccessful in life if they don't get into their dream college

Yes, I'm in!

There is no other program like this available.

I know because I was desperate to find one. when I discovered an effective way to manage the stress of the college grind, I knew I had to share it with other moms like you.

this work changed my perspective about the insane college grind. i realized i needed to start a revolution to change how we all think about the increasingly toxic culture of achievement and expectations of our teens.

We can intentionally choose to focus on our teen's wellbeing and not focus on the insanity of the college Application process.

Our teens will be better for it,
We can show them a better way.

If you have any further questions about this program, you can email me at

Let's start a movement!

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- Eight private 1:1  coaching sessions with me on Zoom to support as you take ownership of your role as a supporting mom

Immediate access to: 

-Five modules which contain 3-5 videos of me teaching the concepts

-Transcripts for each video lesson and the list of questions per module

-Worksheets attached to the last module 

Coaching 1:1 package,
including video course


See you on the inside.

If you still have any questions, feel free to email me at:

book a free consultation

This is not “If I did it, so can you.”

I will teach you everything I know on how to bypass the college grind and focus on your teen's wellbeing. Others have applied it, But this is about making it work for you and your teen.

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By now I’ve given you a lot
of information but…

you probably have questions.
Let me answer those for you.

Would it be possible to do the coaching program semi-privately with a small group of 3-4 moms?

Yes, I have done small groups in the past that have been very successful. I will create an option for small groups with this program again in the future soon too, but if you'd like to work with your mom friends now, I'm sure we can find a way to make that work. Just  schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with me. Or email me at:

Would this course be useful if we have already hired a college consultant for the essays?

Yes, it would be useful. We had a great school counselor who reviewed our teen's essays. But I was still actively involved, giving him feedback and asking him questions to think more deeply about his essay.  When he understood himself better and what he valued and why, he was able to articulate his ideas more thoughtfully in his essay. 


My teen is a sophomore now. When is the ideal time to get started on this program?

The more I talk to moms about my program, I hear how this program has helped their teens as early as the summer before 9th grade, but I think it depends on the maturity level of your teen and their level of interest in engaging with you on topics that require introspection. But generally speaking, junior year and the summer before senior year are optimal times for most teens as they have colleges on their mind.

what if my teen doesn't want to talk to me and we don't have a good relationship?

If you and your teen don't communicate at all, this program may not be a good fit. But if you are committed to improving your relationship with your teen, my general 1:1 coaching program for moms will have significant value for you. I would recommend scheduling a

It’s TIME 
See you inside

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Life coach | Speaker | Rare disease advocate | Physician

Maggie Kang, MD

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