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I'm Maggie Kang, MD — a physician mom
and certified Life Coach.

 My new narrative:
A physician mom with more energy, less worry, and the ability to leverage my newfound wisdom to help others through my coaching practice.

I help overstressed moms choose their narratives.

With this stunning realization, I felt a huge burden lifted off my shoulders.

I felt more energetic, lighter.

Feeling stuck and exhausted, I hired a life coach.

She helped me see that my situation offered an opportunity to realign my priorities with the way I lived my life.

  I learned that I had agency over my life.

My life did not just happen to me. 

How I chose my narrative:

The best affirmation occurred when my daughter said to me: 

"Mom, you seem so much happier and I feel more relaxed around you." 

Education, Training, Certifications

Yale New Haven Hospital, Diagnostic Radiology Residency, Board certified

Yale New Haven Hospital, medical internship

Medical College of Virginia, MD

Cornell University, BA

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Turning a Disadvantage Into Your Superpower

When I think about my daughter’s diagnosis, an incurable autoimmune disease, which requires monthly infusions, I often feel sad. She misses school for her treatments, fatigues easily and can no longer play travel lacrosse.
But I know that her struggles have made her more empathic and resilient . . . 

When she returned home from the initial hospitalization, she was a nine-year old girl who had to re-learn how to walk, talk and eat. Processing her emotions by writing in a nightly journal helped her to heal. She eventually turned her journal into a book, My Hospital Story, to help other patients. Her published book become part of the teaching program in the pediatric residency at Children's National Hospital, and all the proceeds benefit the hospital. 

Her book is an example of how she turned her illness into a superpower - the ability to connect with patients and healthcare workers, while creating awareness about her rare disease. By telling her story she helped others understand that receiving a diagnosis was not a limitation but an opportunity to discover their superpower. 

You choose your narrative.
 Start living again.

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Life coach | Speaker | Rare disease advocate | Physician

Maggie Kang, MD

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